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    Soulja Boy’s Soap Profits Skyrocket Due To Coronavirus

    Soulja Boy seems to get ahead of the curve once again as he made a wise business decision with investing in the soap business.

    Sources close to the rapper-turned-entrepreneur told TMZ that he’s invested in a company called The Soap Shop, which, as the name suggests, sells soap products and a variety of other cleaning supplies. Soulja Boy went to franchise a location in Mississippi last year with his manager and business partner, CEO Miami Mike.

    Soulja Boy even stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk more about his latest business venture. “I got dish detergent.” “Everybody needs soap.”

    The Coronavirus pandemic has people frantically looking for soaps, disinfectant products, and anything that’ll kill germs. This has lead to a massive increase in profit and an enormous haul for Soulja Boy and his thriving business. The Soap Shop has reportedly gone from selling around 100 bottles of cleaning products per month to well over 3,000 cleaning products in the last two months, a 3,000 percent increase.
    Along with his new soap business. Soulja Boy has linked his Soap Shop location to a charity called Bubbles for Cash. The idea behind Bubbles for Cash is that the kids would sell his soap products via fundraising, and that money goes right back into the community to fund programs and services for those same kids. Soulja Boy continues to be one step ahead he may have known that this new venture would be pay off but not how soon and how big of a pay off it would be. Maybe it’s about time we start giving more respect to Soulja Boy as an entrepreneur?
    Let us know what you think about Souja Boy’s Soap Investment in the comments.

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