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    Soulja Boy Performed At The Metaverse Music Festival

    Summer may have ended but that doesn’t mean music concerts have stopped. In fact, rap and HipHop stars are still out on tours and performing nonstop. Recently, Soulja Boy performed at the 4-day Metaverse Music Festival in Decentraland hosted by LimeWire. Draco’s acting career may not have gone sideways. Though, his comeback into the music scene has definitely been a sight to see.

    Draco Performed At The Metaverse Musical Festival

    Draco loves to put his name on everything social media and music oriented. This past week, the rapper definitely took over the spotlight. Moreover, he and other artists, such as Blake, Quincy, EscapePlan and Lil Bitcoin took to the Metaverse stage in the virtual reality world of Decentraland.

    In total, 17 artists delivered great performances for the 4-day music festival. Additionally, LimeWire sold endless amounts of digital merch such as digital sneakers and glasses. A music concert happening inside a virtual reality world sounds like the place to be.

                He Helped Rebrand LimeWire

    Metaverse Music Festival
    via SoundCloud

    Furthermore, the star helped LimeWire rebrand themselves, which means he’ll definitely be added to the credit list. The newly relaunched company announced plans to rebrand themselves as a music only NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace earlier this year.

    In turn, the rebranding allowed users to “explore, collect and trade unique digital collectibles.” Of course, Soulja Boy supported the company’s comeback by reposting their newest commercial. What better way to celebrate music than watching Draco give a stellar performance at the Metaverse Music Festival. Be sure to catch highlights from the virtual concert via their website.

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