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    Soulja Boy And WWE’s Randy Orton Take Their Fight To Twitter

    Some stars just love to create publicity. Rap star Soulja Boy may have lucked out on his rap career but he’s great at stirring up controversy. The one-hit wonder emcee recently made headlines after his ‘Rap Game Faker Than WWE’ comment went viral on Twitter. The rapper faced a lot of heat from fans and fellow rappers alike. Additionally, Soulja Boy managed to piss off a few WWE wrestlers as well. In particular, he upset WWE wrestler Randy Orton. The two eventually took their fight to Twitter.

                        Soulja Boy Needs The Publicity

    fight to Twitter
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    Engaging in an online feud can stir up controversy for any entertainer. Since rising to stardom with his 2007 hit “Crank That”, Soulja Boy has been in and out of the headlines. The 30-year-old rapper has spent much of his career struggling to reach success again. Soulja Boy released a handful of mixtapes and albums from the early 2000’s to now. He’s attempts at reaching success, however, have failed.

    Additionally, his criminal background and numerous lawsuits have bogged down the few successes the rapper has achieved. Unfortunately, the public didn’t seem to acknowledge any of his hard work. Soulja Boy needs a major publicity stunt to put him back on the map. The 30-year-old soon received the media attention he needed after engaging in a Twitter fight with a WWE wrestler.

                The Rapper & Wrestler Take Their Fight To Twitter

    fight to Twitter
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    Hollywood loves a good social media feud. Soulja Boy recently engaged in a Twitter feud with WWE wrestler Randy Orton. Prior to their online banter, the Crank That rapper made a controversial statement that upset quite a few folks in the HipHop community. The rapper tweeted, “These rappers pussy,” he began a series of tweets. “Opps dropping left and right. Rap game faker than WWE. I don’t think none of these n****z popped shit to keep it a stack. If it come down to it I’m a pop me a n***a. That’s a fact.” Those are some bold words from the one-hit wonder rapper.

    The 30-year-old even managed to upset WWE wrestlers like Randy Orton. Rather than fighting in the ring, the two took their fight to Twitter. Specifically, Orton argued that wrestlers are stronger than most in the entertainment industry. Additionally, he challenged Soulja Boy to a fight in the ring with him. While no one takes WWE wrestler’s seriously, Orton’s threats came off pretty legit. Their Twitter feud seemingly came off as a publicity stunt. Soulja Boy certainly benefited from the extra exposure.


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