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    Sophia Valentina Comes With New Song “I Wanna Dance”

    Today we see how 5-year-old artist Sophia Valentina is growing into the industry with her second single “I Wanna Dance”. Ever since the last time we spoke to Sophia, we found out that she is starting to get more involved in the production process. In fact, she has had live performances and a local TV appearance.

    “She has grown tremendously, she helped with the beat, what she wanted the song to be about. As well as working on the choreography,” Sophia’s mom said.

    Thanks to Sophia’s more in-depth involvement in music, it also helps her as a child growing up to receive benefits. These benefits make it easier for Sophia to learn other subjects and helps with skills used in different areas.

    According to Mary Luehrisen, executive director at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), “Providing children with a music-filled experience of singing, listening, and movement brings significant benefits as they transition into formal learning.”

    Besides creating a name for herself, Sophia Valentina is showing love for performing live. One of her most recent television performances was at Houston Life where she sang her first single “Pose“.

    Moreover, performing live at a young age has its benefits. It builds empathy, increases learning engagement, and acts as a mindfulness practice. Practicing mindfulness helps with focus and healthy coping mechanisms.

    Latest Single ‘I Wanna Dance’

    “It’s a very upbeat song, it was made to make you wanna get up and dance basically,” Sophia’s mom told HypeFresh.

    Both her songs are somewhat similar when it comes to being interactive with the audience. But “I Wanna Dance” differs from “Pose” because it has such a different beat. The new single made Sophia challenge herself by testing her vocal range and she learned a lot while recording the song itself.

    “Versus with “Pose” it’s very one key,” said Sophia’s mom.

    As of right now, Sophia Valentina has thousands of listeners and her latest single “I Wanna Dance” reached new heights. It has brought many to become fans of her music. Soon she’ll be dropping her third single. Be sure to stay tuned!

    Tell us what you think of Sophia’s journey into music and listen to her single “I Wanna Dance” available on YouTube and Spotify.

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