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    Social Media Influencer Baby Storme Drops Music Video, “Jackson”

    Social media influencer Baby Storme is taking the world but storm with her newly released music video. With over 400K followers on TikTok, the music artist is setting her sights on making number #1 on the music charts. Her single which is currently highlighted as the #1 featured spot on the social media platform, TIkTok, and on the emerging artists playlists – is a must-watch. We sat down with the rising new artist to discuss her new song, Jackson, her future projects, viral moments and more!


    1. HypeFresh: Tell us about your new song/project Jackson?

    Baby Storme: Jackson is a super upbeat song where I came up with the concept of stalking my crush, but wanted to make it relatable! Its Alternative and a little dark, but I feel like the energy is one that everyone can relate to in some way. 

    1. HypeFresh:Who do aspire to collab with on social media and musically?

    Baby Storme: I’ve never really wanted to collab with anyone. But if i had to choose, i’d 100% collab with Drake. We’re not making the same kind of music, but i see him as one of the most legendary artists. 

    1. HypeFresh: Tell us about any future projects you have in the works?

    Baby Storme: My next project dropped on Valentine’s Day. It’s a Lofi track called “Everybody Knows.” It’s very different from what I’ve put out so far but just as catchy! 


    1. HypeFresh: What do you hope to obtain by the end of the 2021 year?

    Baby Storme: By the end of 2021, I hope to truly establish myself as an artist. I wanna be in a completely different chapter of my life & career by then. 

    1. HypeFresh: What advice do you have for other up-and-coming musicians?

    Baby Storme: I would tell upcoming musicians that my best advice is not to take advice. You know what’s best for you. 

    1. HypeFresh: What are your social media handles?

    Baby Storme: Social media handles : instagram/tiktok- @babystorme // twitter- babystorme_

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