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    Snoop Dogg Stops Trolling Donald Trump

    Every president in American History endured their fair share of critics. However, former President Donald Trump faced a lot more than just the run-of-the-mill criticisms from the American public. The tyrant became one of the most disliked American presidents ever.

    Even celebrities have expressed their disfavor of the tyrant’s shady political dealings and social media commentary. Stars like Star Wars Mark Hamil went as far mocking him on Twitter. Though, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg went a step further by infamously standing outside the White House and shouting “F***K THE PRESIDENT.”

    The rap mogul doesn’t shy away from showing just how much he dislikes the former president. Though, that all changed after Trump selected “Harry-O” Harris as one of his 143 pardons. Snoop Dogg expressed his appreciation over Trumps gesture. For now, the rapper ceased on social media trolling of Donald Trump.

                        Trump Pardons Harry O’ Harris

    via Daily Mail

    Donald Trump maybe the most disliked president in American History but he knows how to get a job done. A businessman at heart, Trump knows his way around a business deal. During his final days as president, he pardoned 143 members, including several HipHop entertainers facing jail time. Trump officially pardoned rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, as well as Death Row Records Co-Founder “Harry O” Harris.

    Particularly, Harris faced 40 years in prison for attempted murder and narcotics. His initial release date wasn’t until 2028. That’s several years of the entertainer’s life gone.

    Luckily, his friend and protégé Snoop Dogg came to the rescue. The rapper campaigned to have Harris released early with the help of prison reform activists Michael “Hollis” Goldstein, Alice Marie Johnson and Weldon Angelos. Ultimately, Snoop Dogg freed Harris and the two were reunited. Guess the Doggfather’s trolling finally got to Trump.

                The Doggfather Stops Trolling Trump

    In celebration of their big wing, Uncle Snoop and Harris shared a sweet picture together on Instagram. “Welcome home big o. Bossangelos boss bac home wit da dogg,” the Doggfather wrote in the captions. The rapper posted a photo alongside the caption of him and Harry O’Harris hanging out in the studio.

    Moreover, Snoop Dogg thanked the prison reform activists who helped free Harris. Additionally, Snoop Dogg thanked Donald Trump for granting Harris a pardon. “That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out,” the Doggfather said in a statement to The New York Post. The rapper seemingly stopped trolling the tyrant.

    Dogg even went as far to suggest Trumps administration did “some great work” during his presidency. The rapper’s recent statements about Trump differ greatly from the ones made during his presidency. We wouldn’t go as far to say Trump did “some great work” during the four years of his presidency.

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