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    Snoop Dogg Fights Soulja Boy Over Instagram Debate

    Soulja Boy loves to take credit for everything, especially when it comes to the Internet and social media. Of course, the “Make It Clap” hitmaker crowned himself as the first celebrity to use social media. Additionally, many remember he’d been the first rap star to use Myspace. In recent years, Soulja Boy has even argued that he used Instagram first. Although, he’s got some competition after Snoop Dogg claimed that he first joined the platform.

    Snoop Dogg Believes He Beat Soulja Boy To Instagram

    Snoop Dogg via Time Out

    Recently, the Long Beach, CA native bragged about being the first celebrity on Instagram. In the preview for a new episode on Drink Champs, the rapper boasts that, “he’s the first celebrity ever on Instagram.” Furthermore, the rapper legend even went on to say that he helped the platform become the billion-dollar company that it’s become today. By Snoop Dogg being a rap legend though, he’s pretty much earned bragging rights.

     Instagram Founders Back Up The Doggfather’s Claims

    Snoop Dogg via

    Soulja Boy may have been the first rapper to use social media. However, he wasn’t the first celebrity to join Instagram. In fact, the “Chai Tea with Heidi” rapper beat him to the punch. Making his claims all more credible, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger confirmed Dogg’s log in history. If fans remember, the Doggfather joined Instagram January 11, 2011, just one year after the social media giant came into existence.

    “The first one was Snoop Dogg. He really joined early . . .”

    Moreover, the founders revealed that they didn’t even have a team or office when Snoop joined.

    Looks like Snoop Dogg truly did make Instagram.

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