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    Florida’s SmokingSkul Pushes the Boundaries Of “Plugg Music” On ‘Nina’

    The “Plugg scene” has come a long way since its inception. It’s amazing to see after all these years the genre is now starting to receive its well-deserved flowers. But we have to take it to the beginning, where it all begins, Atlanta, Georgia.

    Origin of “Plugg”

    Compared to other regions of the US, they take music very seriously in the A. Back in 2013, a collective of producers created the Plugg-style after being influenced by prominent Southern producer, Zaytoven. Made up of Mexikodro and Poloboyshawty, who pioneered the genre. No one could’ve predicted what was in store for their futures, especially Mexikodro.

    Since then, Mexikodro has had one of the best careers that a producer could ask for. When Drake hopped on “Plugg” production for his hit single “From Florida With Love“, it cemented his legend status. Keeping the plugg genre alive, he’s been working with the next generation of rappers.

    2nd Generation of “Plugg”

    If you’re wondering who’s next in the “Plugg scene”, brace yourself for Florida rapper, SmokingSkul. He recently dropped a new song titled “Nina” produced by the goat himself, Mexikodro. Skul is noticeably different from any artist you’ve seen before. While his flow may be unorthodox, the dude is low key, a lyrical genius and proved it on “Nina.

    “Plugg” songs aren’t about having the best bars, but having the best flow and being able to ride the beat with ease. These are skills that are all up Skul’s alley. He doesn’t waste any time on “Nina” and gets straight to business. He doesn’t even give the beat a chance to breathe. As soon as that beat drops and you hear the signature “Plugg” tag, you already know what time it is and Skul gets to work.

    This song has some of the most ridiculous one-liners by Skul that I’ve ever heard. With bars like “Aye, knock ya curls off, call you Corbin/Got a baby glock this sh*t a orphanage”, he’ll have you wondering how does he come up with wacky references like this. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about the fire-ass production from Mexiko on this song. This track has some of the craziest 808s that you will ever hear. Both parties outdid themselves on this track.

    All in all, SmokingSkul could potentially be the next king of the underground. Be sure to check out “Nina” and follow SmokingSkul on Instagram.


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