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    Sky Society to Release New EP This Summer

    New York based collective Sky Society has been gaining traction quickly with their unique and refreshing perspective on music. Rather than approaching the game from a consumer-oriented perspective, Sky Society focuses on the soul. You can hear it in the music.

    The collective defines itself as a “Community of Individuals United as One. Creating Higher Ways of Thinking, Living & Connecting via Music, Arts & Humanity It’s a Frequency.” Sky Society has been active since 2011, and the founders began producing and crafting the collective’s overall sound.

    The sound was built with a mission to offer it as medicine for those for might listen. “The Frequency of Sky Society & the Vibrations we share, in efforts to heal & embrace the journey of being wholesome,” said a representative of Sky Society. “Music is the Medicine, it’s therapy for so many of us.”

    The collective’s biggest project is set to release sometime this upcoming June. The project is supposed to be an EP called “Heart Beats: The Love Loops (Vol. 2).” The group was recently reported shooting a music video for one of the project’s upcoming singles.

    New York is always continuing to push the needle in fashion. This brand is right on time as the world in opening back up slowly. To find more info about Sky Society follow their Instagram here.


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