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    Sixers beat Hawks; Shake Milton Shines. Embiid scores 40.

    Philly’s Sixers beat Hawks; Shake Milton Shines & Embiid scores 40.

    Irving rings the bell
    Legendary, Julius Irving rings the bell to kick of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs, Round 2, Game 2. Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    Sixers Beat Hawks-118-102

    The NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs continues with Round 2, Game 2 Sixers-Hawks. Julius Irving rings the bell. The legendary touch may have sparked some new found energy. Because, Once again, Philadelphia has won against their opponents. Philly’s 76ers regained momentum and were explosive over the Atlanta Hawks. Shake Milton’s performance provided additional support. Embiid scores a career high 40 points. Embiid, Seth Curry and Tobias Harris combined for 83 points.

    Ultimately, Sixers beat Hawks, 118-102.

    Shake Milton provides a much needed boost for the Sixers; beat Hawks.

    Shake Milton
    Shake Milton offers solid support to the Sixers.
    The Sixers win Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs against the Hawks.

    It looks like Shake Milton became useful again. Milton scored 14 points in 14 minutes. Point Guard, Shake Milton made two three-pointers in the third quarter, including the first points on the board that game by a bench reserve. Ultimately, his energy was also contagious and led to an increase in productivity among his teammates.

    After the game, Embiid talked about possibly needing Shake Milton to push the game further,

    “For some reason, I felt like he was going to be needed. So, before the game I told him to get ready. I love all these guys and he’s one of them. I believe in all of them. I want to win it all and I’m going to need them to do so.”

    Below, Embiid supports his teammates Milton and Howard. Needless to say, a team effort is the way to go for the Sixer’s success to beat Hawks.

    Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Below, Doc Rivers spoke to the team urging them all to stay ready.

    “I said, ‘This is a long run, man. If we do this right, then everyone’s going to get a shot. And stay ready.'”

    Embiid scores a career high 40 points with injury

    Embiid scores a career high 40 points.
    The Sixers defeat the Hawks in Round 2, Game 2 of the NBA East Conference Playoffs.

    Joel Embiid is all heart out there. Just saying, If Embiid is this good while dealing with an injury; then, he will be an absolute beast once he’s all healed up. Although, he didn’t win the MVP title, he didn’t let it sour his performance during the Hawks’ series. Joel’s performance has been standout and getting better all the time. Embiid averaged 39.5 points and 11 rebounds in this series. Fingers Crossed,  that he remains relatively healthy and doesn’t let his ambition put his injury at further risk. Shockingly, Joel Embiid is the first 76er who has reached 40 points in a game since Allen Iverson. Needless to say, Philly loves a competitve beast and Embiid may be the most loved since A.I.

    Eastern Conference Playoffs: Sixers by the numbers

    Ultimately, the Sixers have made more than half of their shots from the field in five of their seven playoff games. Moreover, Embiid and Harris have equally shot 80% or better. While, Embiid and Seth Curry have combined to shoot 33-for-54 (61%) from mid-range. In fact, Embiid has increased his career high to 40 points and leading the Sixers to beat the Hawks.

    Dwight Howard says “Clap Your Hands, Everybody!” ’cause there “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.

    Howard says he’s a fan of the Sixer’s theme song. And, how can he not be? The song is catchy and feel good. After a great win, the song produces celebratory smiles. Dwight is all of us. The ballplayer says when he’s at home, he finds himself singing it. “10-9-8-76ers!”

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