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    Singer, Songwriter Montell Fish New Album JAMIE Is A Pleasant Surprise

    Have you ever genuinely wondered how many things in your life you missed out on because you weren’t open-minded? Part of life’s journey is finding out what you like and figuring out your personal preferences. The thing about preferences is they don’t determine what’s true, but fog your vision with bias. 

    When I want to listen to music, my preference is to listen to music that makes me feel good regardless of the message. This is why I generally stayed away from music within the Christian genre. I always felt it was too preachy for my liking, but that was before I discovered New York artist Montell Fish.

    Music for Everybody

    I feel like something that easily scares younger listeners away when they see “Christian” listed as the genre for a song they’ve never heard. But if you’re a genuine music lover like me, you will appreciate Fish’s the new album, JAMIE, regardless of your religious views.

    So many elements of his music give me a nostalgic feeling. A good chunk of these songs reminds me of the 70s-soul-and-funk period. For many, this felt like the “golden age” of music for the way artists were able to make music that was beautiful and tragic simultaneously. Fish brings that same energy with his intimate storytelling.

    “This album is about the beginning stages of grief because I went through this album, and even still think about when I’m gonna die––is it gonna be when I’m young, today, tomorrow?- Montell Fish on JAMIE

    Pressure Makes Diamonds

    Even in his toughest of times, Fish still found a miraculous way to give his most vulnerable projects yet. Nothing could prepare me for the emotional rollercoaster that this album took me on. 

    If you are ready to turn a new page in your life, this album is for you. Be sure to check out Montell Fish’s new album JAMIE.

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