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    Nigerian Artist Simi Tells Her Life Story In ‘To Be Honest’

    Nigerian artist Simi continues to evolve with each new record she puts out. Having released three successful albums, an EP, and dropping several chart-topping collaborations with other great artists, Simi has made herself one of the biggest standout acts in Nigeria’s Afro-pop wave. Additionally, the singer has built a strong social media presence and amassed millions of fans. Not to mention, Simi has millions of stream plays. She’s also achieved a few huge milestone moments such as securing the Top 5 spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart and an MTV Africa Music Awards 2021 nomination. The woman deserves her flowers.

    On June 3, Simi released her fourth album To Be Honest that has already won critical acclaim in just a few weeks. Turning out to become one of her best records yet , Simi tells her whole life story in one album.

    The Story Of Simi

    Furthermore, the 11-track project was wholly composed by Simi herself and stays true to the album title. Each song tells the story of her life, her growth and love. In most aspects, the album reads like a candid and enchanting story book of the Nigerian Afro-pop singer, minus the princesses or magical creatures of course.

    The Nigerian artist really delves into her creative juices on her fourth album. Moreover, her lush harmonies paired with her clever lyricism and relatable songwriting add texture and body to her songs. More importantly, they give each track meaning.

    The first half of the album opens up with Simi being the best version of herself, where she sees herself as a full-time musician. Furthermore, the latter half of To Be Honest delves into deeper themes of learning life lessons such as making lasting friendships and finding a love that’s true.

    While there’s a slight shift in topic, there’s also a noticeable change in beat after her fourth track “Loyal.” Saxophone sounds take over, adding jazzy notes that immediately mesh well with the Afro-pop and R&B beats of the album. In addition to the saxophone, the guitar strings and wicked lyricism comes to play. Arguably, track 6 “Logba Logba” shows off Simi’s mastery of lyrics best out of the entire track. The Nigerian singer has skills. Not only is she great at her craft, but she also excels at retelling her life story, an aspect that everyone can relate to.

    Simi Wants To Be Honest 

    To Be Hones
    via We Plug Good Music

    There’s plenty of songs to fall in love with on Simi’s fourth album. Every song speaks to someone on one level or another. Furthermore, the songstress made sure to be as honest with fans as possible, offering up her own life story. During the press release, the Nigerian Afro-pop singer revealed that To Be Honest “is a compilation of my stories and some really candid things I’ve wanted to say for a long time.” Simi shared her story with the world. In doing so, she revealed a side of herself that people may not have expected. In her closing remarks, she notes that people hold certain expectations about her artistry upon first meeting her.

    According to the artist, “Well, they don’t. To be honest, they don’t!”

    That just goes to show we can’t judge a book by its cover. Be sure to check out Nigerian songstress Simi’s music.







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