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    ‘Si Tu Me Busca’ Is Anuel’s AA Biggest Defeat Ever

    A few months ago Anuel AA posted a snippet on social media of a song. In it, he was making out with his girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral. In this snippet people couldn’t believe their ears, this snippet ended up receiving a lot of criticism.  And on April 1, the song dropped, called “Si Tu Me Busca”.

    The song initially was to drop on February 14. It came with a music video showcasing a form of eroticism, according to the lyrics. Cursing is involved (obviously), which will certainly bring controversy to the mix. Also, the track makes a few allusions towards sicarios (known as gunmen or assassins).

    On Instagram, Yailin La Mas Viral posted a picture of her and Anuel with the caption: ‘@anuel Papi si tu and Chuky’.

    anuel Papi si tu and Chuky’
    via Instagram

    Then Anuel advertises the song as “Only for Adults” hours before the release. Although “Si Tu Me Busca” has received many streams, comments displaying disappointment and rejection flowed all over social media. In the comments section on YouTube, the phrase “Legends never die, but this legend buried himself” was constantly seen.

    The criticism not only accumulated on YouTube but can be found on the couple’s profiles. People were quick to point out the curse words, the lack of creativity, and a decline in the quality of the music Anuel makes.

    Days before the release Yailin La Mas Viral and Puerto Rican rapper Anuel went to a recording studio in Orlando. The two posed together and uploaded pictures, hinting that there would be more music on the way.

    Currently, the video has 16 million views on YouTube and is the top trending music content.

    What are your thoughts on Anuel’s latest music?

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