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    Should The Los Angeles Lakers Have Fired Frank Vogel?

    The Los Angeles Lakers have recently fired Frank Vogel on Monday directly after the season finale, according to ESPN. There’s no secret the Lakers had a very disappointing season, finishing 33-49 on the season. However, Vogel’s coaching record with the Lakers is 127-98 in three seasons. While many may turn their focus towards Vogel for lack of coaching, many forget about the individual involved in assembling this Lakers team. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has somehow ducked the majority of the blame and it seems as so if Vogel’s been scapegoated. 

    In so many words, it’s as if a chef began cooking a meal with the ingredients someone brought him. Then, he prepares the food and serves it to the individual who bought the ingredients. Turns out, the consumer isn’t satisfied with the meal brought upon them although the chef only did what he could.

    This scenario is very similar to the situation in Los Angeles, however, Vogel is still under contract through next season. Pelinka explains in great detail why he and Lakers’ owner Jeannie Buss believed it was time to fire Vogel.

    “Today is not a day for blaming and dissecting all the specific reasons,” Pelinka stated. “We simply felt, at the highest level of the organization, that it was time for a new leader. … This is not to diminish the remarkable achievements of Frank Vogel. He was an excellent coach here and will continue to excel elsewhere.”

    Los Angeles Lakers Future Plans for HC

    Pelinka admits that he’s in no rush to replace Vogel immediately. In fact, he admits that he hasn’t even begun looking at potential candidates to fulfill the role of head coach. The ideal timeline is to have a coach in the facility before June comes around, however, it may not be likely. Pelinka would like to go through this process very “methodical”.

    “This Lakers season was disappointing across the board,” Pelinka acknowledged. “When faced with disappointment, our fans demand more, in every aspect. It begins with the front office, led by me, and our ability to build the right team. It rests with the coaches ensuring player responsibility and on-court performance.”

    Lakers’ Blatant Disrespect

    The amount of disrespect displayed by the Lakers organization towards Vogel was a bit surprising. The same coach the Lakers didn’t have the decency to inform him of happens to be the same coach that has brought them a championship title not even 18 months ago. In 2020, the Lakers reigned victorious in the bubble, however, that was their first championship since was in 2010. The number of opportunities the Lakers had to inform Vogel of his firing, yet, they didn’t is very disappointing. 

    Sports Analyst Richard Jefferson recently spoke about the actions of the Lakers towards Vogel being “utterly disrespectful”.

    “Woj tweeted right after the game that Frank Vogel was fired,” Jefferson stated. “The Lakers didn’t even have the courtesy to inform the coach who led them to a championship 18 months ago that they were going to release him. The Lakers organization is in complete chaos.”

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