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    Should Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Make The Top 10?

    Yesterday evening, a list was dropped based on the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. This list was voted upon by NFL players, owners, and executives. However, many were dissatisfied with this list for a number of reasons but the most glaring issue appeared to be Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson being excluded. The masses appeared to be outraged but the question here is, “Should they be?”

    Does Lamar Jackson Deserve Top 10 Consideration?

    Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s career has been fruitful one can say within the first five seasons. However, he’s yet to be given the respect many believe he deserves. In his second season but first season starting full-time, he managed to win the MVP award. Shortly after, that 14-2 team who was the No. 1 seed was booted by the Tennessee Titans. Jackson didn’t play well and since then his career has appeared to be on the decline. Since 2019,  his MVP season, Jackson’s statistically has gotten worst and worst.

    For example, in 2019, he completed 66% of his passes, threw for 31217 yards, 36 touchdowns to only 9 interceptions, according to Pro Football Reference. Not to mention, he had an 83 QBR with an interception percentage of 1.5 and he also ran for 1206 yards. In each statistical category within the following two seasons, they decreased significantly.

    If anything Jackson has proved to be one of the biggest frauds in the NFL. Each growing year, makes that phenomenal 2019 season look more and more like a fluke. However, many believe that he will prove many wrong this upcoming season. He’s struggled to get a contract extension by the Baltimore Ravens due to his injury problem within the last season. The Ravens are eerie that if they invest in him and he proves not to be reliable they would’ve wasted their money. There’s a ton of motivation surrounding Jackson for this upcoming season and maybe he can prove some people wrong or prove some people right.

    Baltimore Ravens Future in 2022-23

    This season will determine a lot going forward for Jackson. While many believe he will get extended, this can alter the Raven’s future like no other. For example, if they don’t resign Jackson, they may resign one of their other top players leaving much in question. Last season, the Ravens were plagued with the injury bug. They began the season red hot; however, as the year continued, they began to become depleted.

    They have one of the more talented rosters in the NFL, barring everyone staying healthy, they have a shot to go far in the AFC and this can be Baltimore Raven’s QB Jackson’s year to change his narrative.


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