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    Shocking Proof of Payment Between Stream Botter and Kendrick Lamar’s Manager Anthony Saleh Surfaces

    Hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar made some rather shocking waves in the music industry, when his manager Anthony Saleh got accused of fraud with streaming numbers. If true, the claims could have major repercussions for Saleh and the artists he represents.

    Anthony Saleh is a top music industry executive who manages artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Nas. He is CEO of Emagen Entertainment Group, and a partner in the investment firm WndrCo, which provides seed and early-stage funding to music and techstart-ups. Brian Hamilton However, his name has recently been linked with pending controversy with claims that he had been boosting streaming numbers for Kendrick Lamar.

    The allegations have stemmed from a 21-year-old botter, by the name of Epic, who alleges that Saleh paid him $2500 to bolster Kendrick Lamar’s streaming numbers. Epic apparently set out to score 30 million streams on this go, a number that would have been a boon to Lamar’s exposure and earnings. A video by DJ Akademiks the man who has built himself a massive platform as essentially the commentator on the happenings of the hip-hop industry, especially its less-that-wholesome aspects – brought these bombshell claims to the public.

    The video finds DJ Akademiks running through the beef that is we are witnessing between Kendrick Lamar and fellow rap behemoth Drake. Fans and Critics Have Been Debating On This Rivalry filled with diss tracks and battle of the streams. The accusations against Saleh further muddy the waters of this competitive atmosphere, hinting that surreptitious activity may be at play to tip opinions and orchestrate chart credits.

    This issue of artificial streaming inflation is not new to the music industry. The investigations target practices in which bots are employed to push streams numbers through the roof-boosting an artist and their management’s income, as well lanxing them higher chart rankings. This kind of manipulation is an attack on music charts and the future expectations of how we measure what success means in the industry.

    It is even less helpful for Interscope that the rumors being bandied about regarding its head of digital marketing’s ties to this scheme. Given Interscope Records‘ status as big wheels in the music industry, it would not fare well if implicated in any of this

    The allegations could have far-reaching consequences. At best, if the accusations turn out to be true, Anthony Saleh could face severe legal repercussions and damage to his public image. This also would have shaded the roster of artists he represents, especially Kendrick Lamar who has spent his career building a picture of authenticity and sharp wordplay.

    @akademiksAllegedly proof of a payment transaction between the “not like us” stream botter and Kendrick Lamar’s manager Anthony Saleh has surfaced 👀 The stream botter claims a $2500 down payment was deposited for 30 million streams The whistleblower is speaking after receiving threats to be k*lled from anonymous individuals😳♬ ORIGINAL SOUND – AKADEMIKS

    The situation is coming under close scrutiny from industry insiders, with fall-out likely to shape a more widespread investigation of the whole concept of streaming as well as the systems in place to prevent manipulation. This is a massive issue for the music community as the sanctity of chart placements and proper revenue division are on the line.

    At this time, neither Anthony Saleh nor Kendrick Lamar has released a statement about these accusations. Such silence raises many questions and demands a probing investigation, as it does not behoove such a silencing site. Fans and those within the industry are advised to regard these reports as accusations, until proven otherwise by any further findings.

    Fake it till you make is all too common in modern music, and that appears to be what a new investigation into Anthony Saleh is shining a light on. If verified, these allegations could be a game changer for all stakeholders and even re sculpt sector benchmarks.


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