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    Shocking DNA Test: Trippie Redd Not the Father He Thought He Was!

    Yesterday, Trippie Redd, also known as Michael Lamar White IV, surprised fans. Recently, Trippie Redd did a DNA test and found out he was NOT the father of a child he thought was his! Does it get any crazier? He even shared the news of his son’s birth with the world before taking a DNA test.

    He wasn’t particularly giving the glowing fatherhood interview. Instead, he was peacocking his very large and impressive $13 million black-out mansion! The topic first came up while on a tour of the same mansion with the rapper DDG. Now, the situation is about to get unbelievably murky. Trippie unveiled that after getting the test he had been waiting for so long, the DNA proved that he wasn’t the father. How crazy is that?

    And now, finally, about Trippie Redd’s relationships status. According to sources, the rapper has been in a romantic relationship with pop singer Skye Morales, although some rumors say that he is single. In the meantime, some plans were changed with the birth of his son Saint Michael in November 2023 – no new DNA test results have been done.

    It is quite shocking to make sense of the Trippie Redd DNA test results. Indeed, this twist of events rewrites the entire Trippie Redd fatherhood narrative. Will Trippie Redd talk about this situation? Will he detail the information given or simply ignore the situation completely? Only the future can answer.

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