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    Shocking Confession: Rapper Canserbero’s Ex-Manager Admits to Murder

    Startling Admission: Ex-Manager of Rapper Canserbero Confesses to Homicide: Comprehensive Breakdown

    Natalia Améstica, the ex-manager of Venezuelan rapper Canserbero, admitted to his murder in a video statement from Venezuela’s attorney-general. This news has shocked the Latin American music industry and devastated fans of the rapper.

    Shocking Confession: Rapper Canserbero’s Ex-Manager Admits to Murder

    The Rise of Canserbero

    Canserbero was a rapper from Venezuela. He was born on March 11, 1988, in Caracas. He became popular in the Latin American rap scene. His music was influenced by reggaeton at first. But after his half-brother was murdered, he started making hip-hop and complex rock music. People liked his albums “Vida” (2010) and “Muerte” (2012). They said “Muerte” was one of the most essential albums in Spanish rap history.

    Canserbero’s lyrics focused on sensitive topics like depression, suicide, and social inequalities. Many people connected with his music. He became a significant figure in independent rap in Latin America, not just Venezuela.

    The Night of the Murder

    On the night of January 19, 2015, Canserbero and his friend and collaborator, Carlos Molnar, were at Natalia’s apartment in Maracay. According to Natalia’s confession, she spiked their tea with a powerful tranquilizer. When Molnar entered the kitchen, she stabbed him multiple times. Canserbero, too tired to react, was then stabbed twice in the side by Natalia.

    The Aftermath

    Canserbero stabbed Molnar to death during a mental breakdown. Then, Canserbero took his own life by jumping from the tenth floor. The initial report suggested this. However, doubts were raised about medical evidence that supports the rapper’s alleged schizophrenia. The late rapper’s family and friends persistently appealed, so the case was reopened.

    The Confession

    Natalia’s confession has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding Canserbero’s death. She revealed that her motive for the murder was a dispute over tour profits and Canserbero’s decision to let her go as his manager. Desperate, she called her brother Guillermo to help resolve the situation.

    The Role of Sebin Officers

    The plot thickens with the involvement of officers from Venezuela’s intelligence agency, Sebin. Arriving at the scene with Guillermo, these officers helped arrange the background to make it look like a murder-suicide. They further stabbed Carlos Molnar and instructed Natalia and Guillermo on how to throw Canserbero’s body out of the window to complete the murder-suicide scene.

    Shocking Confession: Rapper Canserbero’s Ex-Manager Admits to Murder
    @The office of the Attorney-General also released the tape confession by Guillermo Améstica

    Tampering with the Crime Scene

    Guillermo claims that forensic detectives immediately noticed that the crime scene seemed “manipulated.” The forensic officials assisted Guillermo and his sister in tampering with the crime scene for a $10,000 bribe. This involvement of Natalia’s brother and the Sebin officers made the case much more complicated and led to the initial misunderstanding that it was a suicide. A Pattern of Deception

    People have made crime scenes look like murder-suicides before. This has happened in several cases, like the Megan Hargan Case in 2017, the Rebecca Zahau Case in 2011, the Stephen Port Case, and the Stephen Allwine Case in 2016. In these cases, people tried to trick investigators and not look suspicious by arranging the crime scenes. But, investigators often find things that don’t make sense when they look closely. These things can show what happened in the crime.

    The Reopening of Cases

    Cases can be reopened for various reasons, such as discovering new evidence, legal errors, or public pressure. In this case, Natalia’s confession has brought new evidence to light, leading to the reopening of the case.

    The Impact on the Music Industry

    Canserbero’s music inspires many with its raw and honest portrayal of human emotions. Fans around the world mourn the tragic loss of this talented artist. His life was cut short under tragic circumstances.

    We think about Canserbero’s family, friends, and fans. His legacy in Latin American rap is undeniable. His music still touches many hearts. His story reminds us of the struggles artists face behind the scenes. Mental health is essential in the music industry.

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