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    Sherri Shepherd New Show, Old Influences In TV

    Comedian Sherri Shepherd is now a daytime talk show host! Sherri Shepherd’s new show, Sherri is the replacement for the Wendy Williams Show that abruptly ended this year. After long awaiting this moment, is drama taking Sherri’s spotlight? According to Madamenoire, there is trouble in paradise. After the show’s debut on September 12, tensions are flaring. There seems to be tension between former Wendy production staff and Sherri’s new staff. Word on the street is that Sherri’s staffers are all up in her ear about former staffers on the Wendy Show. “There should be a loyalty test for those who were part of The Wendy Williams Show.” Is this messy or does Sherri’s team really have her best interest?

    Sherri Is Not Here For the Gossip

    Sherri Shepherd is a Daytime Emmy Winner from her role on The View. The talk show host is happy to share warm welcomes from former co-stars and celebrity friends celebrating her new milestone. Garcelle Beauvais, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlbery Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Lindsay, Zachary Levy, and Tracy Morgan all wish her well in a montage video clip, according to Entertainment TV.

    All of Shepard’s friends are so happy to relay their joy for her new gig as a talk show host on her own show. To accept these warm welcomes, Sherri makes it clear that she will be steering clear of heavy talk show gossip. The show will be the exact opposite of Wendy Williams show. “I’m not trying to be mean to anybody because my outlook of life is definitely through the lens of love.” How will Wendy Williams’ fans feel after this new abrupt change? Change is always good, especially if it is for the better.

    According to APP, Wendy Williams is entering a wellness facility. Wendy promises us a safe return; however, we still worry about the TV personality. She is eager to overcome her health issues and return with her podcast. She is currently being treated by some of the best doctors in the world. Prayers for Wendy!

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