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    SHELLR’s “Pigs & Bullies”: A Hard-Hitting Hip Hop Track That Packs a Punch

    Derby rapper SHELLR has recently released his latest track, “Pigs & Bullies,” and it’s a must-listen for any fans of the genre. Produced by RXKZ, the hard-hitting hip-hop/drill beat packs a punch perfectly matched by the song’s lyrics.

    With a focus on life’s hardships and survival from his own experiences, SHELLR’s lyrics are filled with catchy lines and transparent execution. The song’s wordplay is concise and practical, making it easy to understand and appreciate.

    For those unfamiliar with SHELLR, he’s a 25-year-old rapper from Allenton who’s quickly making a name for himself in the UK hip-hop scene. His music is raw, high-energy, and deeply meaningful, with complex lyric writing and storytelling that’s impossible to ignore. “Pigs & Bullies” is just the latest release from SHELLR, and it’s clear that he’s an artist to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

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