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    Sh3GotGame: Natalie White’s Moolah Kicks Elevating Women Sports

    Natalie White, a native of New York, and her incredible team have made a lasting impact on women’s sports. Growing up in Manhattan, she developed a natural affinity for basketball from a young age. Starting at the age of five, she immersed herself in sports, with her first word being “ball.”

    As she progressed to high school, White faced new challenges in the game. While she initially excelled, she encountered taller and larger opponents. This prompted a shift in her basketball career. However, during this time, she conceived the idea of “Moolah Kicks,” which has now become the leading women’s basketball brand available in 160 stores nationwide.

    “John, to be honest, it happened in high school,” she said. “I chose to prioritize business and education while also nurturing my passion for basketball. Moreover, there are numerous impactful ways we can contribute to the growth of women’s basketball beyond the court.”

    Natalie White’s “Sh3GotGame” Moment

    At first, White had confidence in her idea for “Moolah Kicks.” However, like anyone else, doubts would occasionally creep in. Despite this, she remained focused and unwavering in her vision for the company. As time went on, she reflected on a significant moment in her career known as the “Sh3GotGame” moment. It was during a Microsoft ad shoot, where meticulous attention was given to every detail, from her hair to the microphones. When she finally spoke about the brand, the silence and anticipation in the room were awe-inspiring. This experience solidified her belief that “Moolah Kicks” was here to stay and would continue to thrive.

    Initially, the focus was on gender equality, but it gradually transformed into something greater. It became a platform of opportunity for women in basketball. This shift in mindset propelled the company to heights beyond imagination.

    “We are women’s basketball, and we are already legitimate,” White emphasized. “Equality suggests comparing ourselves to men’s basketball, but why should we? Instead, let’s appreciate the incredible talent of this generation and how far we have come. We should all celebrate and support women’s basketball for what it is today,” White continued.

    Future Vision of “Moolah Kicks”

    The brand originated from the lack of options for women’s athletic basketball sneakers. These shoes are exclusively designed for women, considering the specific science behind their construction. Trying to wear these shoes would be challenging for men since it’s biologically impossible to fit a man’s foot into a woman’s shoe. While there are no plans to create unisex shoes in the future, there are intentions to continuously improve and update the scientific aspects of the footwear.

    By leveraging the exclusivity of these shoes, White believes they will enhance the game. Her journey as an entrepreneur has been a roller coaster ride, teaching her valuable lessons about the value of hard work and earning success.

    Instead of viewing losses as failures, White has shifted her mindset. She sees them as problems to be solved and approaches them with excitement. Running away from problems is not an option; she confronts them head-on.

    What’s Next in 2022 for “Moolah Kicks”

    “Moolah Kicks” is set to release a new shoe called “Paint Shop Drop 2” on May 20. The new collection will feature two models for indoor use and two models for outdoor use. These sneakers will be available for purchase in over 160 Dicks Sporting Goods stores and online.

    Natalie White
    Image courtesy of Dillon Vibes

    To wrap it up, when asked for advice that might resonate with others following her journey, she said:

    “Work hard for your passion. If you can’t find what you love, make it. If you genuinely love it, it won’t feel like work.”

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