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    Selfish Bodies Return With Another New Single “Bambi Legs”

    Selfish Bodies returns with a new single, “Bambi Legs,” a bombastic pop song that combines stylish beats and brilliant vocals. Heartbreaking, fabulous, and perfect for radio. Everything to create a cinematic and airy soundscape.

    The lyrics talk about how torn they feel after insecurities rear their ugly head. This leads to unnecessary second-guessing and unwanted self-consciousness, “This is a lonely feeling, yet we are oddly united in it as we all feel this way, at least sometimes.” We hear the magical vocals interwoven with the magnified instrumentation reinforce this message.

    Selfish Bodies came to be in the early Spring of 2018, bringing members from across Canada with a singular goal: to make extraordinary music that makes listeners smile, cry, dance, and feel cherished while they go through whatever life problem the moment they come across their music. Their shared love of acts is unimaginable as the vibrant crew rapidly grew into an authentic friendship.

    We hope the song makes you feel a little better, knowing that whenever the matter of insecurity arises again, you now see that you aren’t alone and hope it can do the same for everyone who needs it.

    Stream “Bambi Legs” on Spotify

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