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    Self-Care: Finding Down Time In A Perpetually Busy Era

    Finding Down Time In A Perpetually Busy EraThe New Society

    Self-care is vital. It seems to be that busy is the trend and has become the new societal norm. From remembering masks to meeting deadlines, people are scrambling to find personal time. Being on the go probably gets things done; however, its a sacrifice of down time.

    No Time, No Self-Care

    Self-care is usually neglected with today’s demands. Working a 9 to 5, adding three children and caregiving for an elderly parent, on top of paying bills on time is a full-time gig. There’s no room left for you.

    Women commonly suffer most from sleep deprivation due to work stress and having to rear children, leaving virtually no time for self-care.

    In line with Everyday Healths’ insights, prioritizing self care involves tending to ones’ own well being for the sake of both personal and interpersonal harmony. By addressing physical health nurturing mental and emotional states individuals can optimize their performance in various roles while also providing assistance and contributing positively towards their daily aspirations.

    Self-care includes a range of practices that enhance both physical and mental well-being, as described by health experts. Everyday Health states that the World Health Organization defines self-care as individuals, families, and communities being able to take care of their health, prevent illness, manage health conditions, and adapt to disabilities, with or without help from healthcare professionals.

    Statistics On Women and Self-Care

    Based on the Special Report: State of Women’s Wellness 2017 survey, a quarter of the 3,000 women surveyed identified time limitations and difficulties in balancing responsibilities as obstacles to their well-being. Furthermore, the sixth major wellness challenge they faced was insufficient personal time.

    Ways to Maintain

    1. Make time to sleep. Sleep is the most important gateway to having a healthy mind and body.
    2. Reach out to a friend for help. A true friend is there when you need them! Request your friend to pick up the kids from school for a day. It’s perfectly fine to take some time for yourself.
    3. Take Breaks. You are not a superhuman! Though society makes us believe that working hard makes us superior, working hard makes us age faster.
    4. Write it on paper. Write down goals, this helps with remembering them.
    5. Turn the phone off.  Yes, turn off your phone. Taking a healthy amount of time without disturbances is definitely a form of self-care.
    6. Eat Better. Eat to fuel, not to get full! Choose seasonal vegetables to replace with that dollar meal burger.

    Take charge of your health by taking care of yourself!

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