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    SCY Jimm Drops New Music Video for “A-Z” – Watch Now!

    In the track international, SCY Jimm is, without a doubt, making a call for himself. He’s known for his honest road testimonies and private memories, and he has been through a few tough times. But now, he’s creating a massive declaration with his modern-day mixtape, Highly Favored.

    What’s cool is that he doesn’t do this all in his way anymore. He has a few veteran friends on board, like BLP KOSHER and Gloss Up, and they should all be part of the mixtape. SCY Jimm has played a few early songs like “Members In“, “Selling Slabs,” and “Ain’t Original” (a BLP KOSHER tribute), all already part of “Highly Favored.” This mixtape is like a window for his de soulful, where he shares his own ups and downs and really highlights his fresher side.

    But it’s not all deep and heavy. SCY Jim also knows how to have fun. In “A-Z,” he takes you on a journey through the characters, letting each character actually tell in free-flowing verses. The music provides the perfect platform for his imaginative storytelling.

    And here’s the aspect: SCY Jimm’s adventure has been a rollercoaster. He was given this unique QC pendant chain in advance this 12 months because he’s been on a warm streak. He’s been losing a combination of tracks that show off his abilities and others that allow him to replicate actual lifestyle moments.

    What could be very sudden is that SCY Jimm is not only from Florida, but he is carving his route. He does more than sing; he brings humans together. In 2022, his ROOKIE OF THE YEAR; mixtape was modified into a success, providing artists from in the course of Florida. And now, after signing with QC and liberating Trench Baby, he is aiming to turn out to be a number-one player in Florida hip-hop. Highly Favored is his manner of making that dream come real.

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