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    Schmitty’s Latest Single “How Did I Get Here?” Is a Celebration of Life’s Blessings

    American alternative hip-hop artist Schmitty has released his latest single, “How Did I Get Here?” It is a song that reflects on the highlights of his life and the journey that brought him there. The piece draws inspiration from Post Malone’s sound and showcases Schmitty’s unique style and positive perspective on life.

    Recorded during his time in Florida with producer Nico Koufakis, the track features Schmitty’s reflections on the ups and downs of his journey, from living in a mansion on the water for six months to the constant pursuit of his dreams.

    The song’s catchy beats and uplifting lyrics are a reminder to appreciate life’s blessings and to stay positive in the face of adversity. Schmitty hopes his music will inspire others to strive toward their dreams and find happiness in their journeys.

    As a beacon of positivity, Schmitty’s music celebrates life and all its wonders. With “How Did I Get Here?”, he invites us to join him on his journey and find joy in our paths.


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