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    Saweetie Turns Down A Male Admirer During Interview

    Saweetie’s Love Life Since Breakup

    Since breaking things off with ex-boyfriend Quavo, Saweetie has popped up everywhere. The “Bestfriend” rapper knows how to stay on her grind, even if that means dating is off limits. Recently, a male admirer attempted to woo the rapper with his “charms” or lack there off at a West Hollywood restaurant. Unfortunately, Saweetie turned down the rich admirer but in the most inconspicuous way ever. Saweetie really knows how to break hearts.

    The Female Rapper Turns Down Rich Sugar Daddy

    male admirer

    The laws of attraction say that opposites attract. Though, we’re positive the sparks weren’t flying between Saweetie and her male admirer who pursued her. During a recent interview with Vulture at a restaurant in West Hollywood, Saweetie had the displeasure of being picked up by a male admirer. The Vulture feature article described the male admirer as, “older and square — nice suit, no discernible personality other than white and libidinous — with a younger woman tugging at his sleeve when he shows up at our table.” Given the description, the guy sounds like a real charmer.

    Furthermore, the article even featured the awkward verbal exchange between the rich “sugar daddy” and Saweetie herself. The unnamed man oddly complimented her “lashes, nails and hair.” Additionally, he called Saweetie “the most interesting person” he’s seen in L.A. Furthermore, the male admirer attempted to interest her in joining him and his female friend “downstairs.” According to the article, the guy insisted Saweetie come with him but she simply deflected, “It’s okay. I’ll see you downstairs.” Luckily, the rapper didn’t take the man up on his offer. Instead, she continued to sit at her table, eating her oysters. On the other hand, her publicist, interviewer, and assistant indulged in a good hearty laugh. Cleary, he’s worth a feature in Saweetie’s Vulture article.

    Saweetie Gives A Full Disclosure On Her New Album

    male admirer
    via HipHopDX

    While her awkward encounter with a “sugar daddy” served up an interesting appetizer, it wasn’t the main course for the night. During the rest of the interview with Vulture, Saweetie discussed her new album Pretty Bitch Music.

    Saweetie revealed that the album contains 17 plus songs, which comes as a first for the artist. “It’s a lot to live with. It’s a lot to consume,” Saweetie tells Vulture. She further explains that she wants audiences to “feel something” after listening to each song. “I want every song to make someone do something. That’s why I’m regrouping. I’m putting every song under a microscope.” Clearly, Saweetie has reinvented herself.

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