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    Saweetie Stuns Fans With ‘McDonald’s Nails’

    Any die-hard fan knows that Saweetie has a particularly unusual taste for the not-so-healthy food combinations. So far, the Icy Girl has poured roman noodles into a bag of Hot Flammin’ Cheetohs and dipped Oysters in honey BBQ sauce. Though, this time Saweetie isn’t making fans watch her whip up any weird food concoctions. Instead, she’s turning her love for McDonalds into nail art. In promotion of her partnership with the fast-food giant, Saweetie sported her new McDonalds nails.

    Saweetie Uses Her McDonald Nails To Grab That “One Last Fry”

    McDonalds nails
    via Mashed

    It goes without saying that Saweetie doesn’t do anything small. The “Tap In” rapper loves loud and colorful hair, and the long nails to match. Recently, Saweetie took to Twitter to post a picture of her newest manicure. Though, they weren’t the artist’s typical nail art.

    Instead, she sported extremely long square cut nails with the recognizable McDonalds yellow arches and red lettering. Additionally, her nails were adorned with large rhinestones that resembled salt crystals. The artists then asked her adoring fans “True or False? The longer the nails, the easier to reach that one last fry?” Of course, fans had plenty to say about Saweetie’s McDonald nails. Some even showed off their own nail art and services. Looks like Saweetie’s McDonalds nails have become an instant favorite among fans.

                The Rapper Partners With A Fast-Food Giant

    McDonalds nails
    via Mashed

    Saweetie’s post comes as her latest attempt to help promote her collaboration with McDonalds. Just days before revealing her McDonalds nails, the fast-food chain launched their Saweetie Meal on Monday. The meal will include all our favorites; a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and the now Saweetie ‘N Sour sauce. McDonalds also told fans that the meal will now be served in an “icy packaging” inspired entirely by the rapper. Moreover, the moment proved huge for McDonalds since Saweetie will be the first female artist they’ve partnered with. The Saweetie Meal will only be available for a limited time at participating locations. Saweetie not only rocked her McDonald nails, but now she has a sandwich named after her. She’s turning into quite the businesswoman these days.


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