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    Saweetie Shames Men Who Can’t Buy Birkins

    Saweetie shames men who can’t afford a Birkin bag

    Social media drags rapper Saweetie for her comments. Saweetie shames men as she keeps telling women to let broke men go and or leave them in the past. They need to go back to the streets according to the tapper. 

    While on Instagram Live with boyfriend Quavo, the “Icy Girl” rapper reminds women that they need to have high standards. Women are expected to only give men a chance if they can pay their bills. Quavo shrugged at the comment.

    Female rappers with high standards

    But, Saweetie isn’t the first female rapper to openly knock men who fall into a lower tax bracket. The City Girls make it known that they want men who can take care of them. They are definitely talking about meeting their needs financially, period. 

    Saweetie’s new music 

    Here’s a snippet of her new single with Jhené Aiko “Back to the Streets” off her new album Pretty Bitch Music:

    “Had to hit the Heisman on ya homies/Stepping in here bad bitches only/My ex used to act like he owned me/Ain’t enough just to treat me like a trophy/I had that, passed that, knew I had to trash that/Bounced on his ass, turn that boy into flashback/I’m a five-star bitch with a price tag/Gotta find me somebody that can match that

    Was Saweetie wrong for this? Rich men may not always be the best thing for every woman. It is only right to let a woman find the one who will make her happy. However, as long as there is stability and mutual happiness.

    It’s safe to say that Saweetie shames men who aren’t on her level. All in all, she appears to be referring to a woman’s right to be spoiled. Hopefully Saweetie did not discourage men who need to continue to act their wage.

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