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    Saweetie Recalls The Time An Interview Gave Her PTSD

    When we’re on the rise to fame, it can be an exhilarating. It’s a high we can’t come off, that is until reality hits. Saweetie recently revealed that an interview once caused her to have PTSD. Apparently, she received some harsh criticism on her rap skills that left her stunned and speechless. At the time, the 27-year-old learned about the harsh reality of naysayers and haters. Now that Saweetie’s on the rise once again, she’s ready to prove those haters wrong once and for all.

       The Interview That Caused Saweetie To Have PTSD

    via Billboard

    Statics show that positive encouragement and even compliments can lead people to experience a sort of “europia” sensation. In other words, people really enjoy being praised over their skills and talents. Since stepping out onto the rap scene in 2017, Saweetie has grown accustomed to people loving her music. It seemed like she had finally cemented herself as a true rapper. However, one interview had knocked the rapper temporarily off track. The moment even led her to suffer from PTSD.

    Moreover, Saweetie stars on the cover of the April issue for Cosmopolitan. During an interview with the publication, she revealed that her 2018 chat with Erbo Darden from Hot 97’s described her freestyle as “basic.” He even stated that she needed to work harder to “impress” him. The comment rendered Saweetie speechless and even led her to suffer from PTSD. The rapper said it “had been a very dark point in her life.” Unfortunately, it’s not the first time Saweetie has received harsh criticism on her bars. All throughout her career, she’s been criticized as just being “a pretty girl who thinks she can rap.” Though, there’s a lot more to Saweetie than just a beautiful face.

                Saweetie Proves The Haters Wrong

    via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

    Saweetie’s 2018 interview with Hot 97’s Erbo Darden may have led the rapper to suffer from PTSD temporarily. Luckily, the rapper rebounded and discovered her inner strength. Saweetie revealed to Cosmopolitan that her upcoming album “Pretty B***H Music” is her way of “taking back all those years where I feel like I had to dim my light.” The “Bestfriend” rapper acknowledged that her beauty does open a lot of doors for her but argues that there’s more to her than meets the eye. “I enjoy being Female Athlete of the Year, maintaining straight A’s for a whole year, writing my songs, creating my treatments, and donating $150,000 to Black Lives Matter.”

    Given all her achievements and success, Saweetie has been able to find inner peace with herself. The rapper told Cosmopolitan that she feels more confident in her rap skills than ever before. More importantly, she feels comfortable in her own skin. Saweetie knows she doesn’t have to impress anyone.

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