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    Saweetie & Gwen Stefani Drop New Video For “Slow Clap”

    It seems that after breaking with Quavo, Saweetie’s doing pretty well for herself these days. The 27-year-old female emcee purchased herself a new Hellcat for her impressive car collection. More importantly, she’s collaborated with some of the biggest musicians out there. Recently, Saweetie linked up with The Voice’s Gwen Stefani for the remix of “Slow Cap.” The music video certainly gives off “Hollaback Girl” vibes.

                Gwen Stefani Teases New Song Remix

    slow clap
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    In the last year, unlikely talents have teamed up to introduce fans to collaborations we never knew we needed. Ariana Grande joined forces with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion for the remix of “34+35.” While all three of those leading ladies have made headlines for days, so have other stars like Saweetie.

    The 27-year-old “Icy Girl” has moved on from her ex Quavo and continued pursuing her music career. Saweetie has even worked with some major players in the music scene such Demi Lovato and Sabrina Carpenter. Now the rapper has linked up with Gwen Stefani for the remix of “Slow Clap.”

    The Voice coach Gwen Stefani announced last week that Saweetie would be joining her on the remix of the “rhythmic track.” Stefani teased the new music video by posting a series of photos of her and Saweetie together. The two stars striked funny poses together and even shared a game of Patty Cake. Additionally, the stars wore flirty sports shorts, crop tops and loads of bling, taking fans back to the “Hollaback Girl” days.

                              The “Slow Clap” Remix

    slow clap
    via Rap Radar

    Obviously, Saweetie has become the new “it” girl in town that everyone’s dying to work with. The 27-year-old even had the opportunity to work with Gwen Stefani. The TikTok video posted on her Instagram clearly shows that the two stars have become overnight “besties.” Moreover, their friendship became official when the rapper and singer dropped the remix video for “Slow Clap.” The music video provides loads of color and cool dance scenes all against a highschool-gym backdrop. The song definitely comes off as a fun and whimsical track for listeners.

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