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    San Francisco Artist Lil Bean Knows Who To Trust In “Judas”

    San Francisco artist Lil Bean is gearing up to become the next greatest HipHop artist. The city of San Francisco even anointed him as “the leader of a new generation of rap artists,” a high-ranking title indeed. The newcomer has done things that most artists in his position struggle to do at the start of their career. In the last few years, he’s cultivated a huge fanbase and has become one of San Francisco’s biggest stars. Though, Lil Bean hasn’t always stayed on the straight and narrow path to rap-star success.

    A career in music didn’t seem like the right career choice for the rapper growing up. Furthermore, he grew up in a poor neighborhood in San Francisco and tried to find a way out by pursuing a career in basketball. Though, it wasn’t until the tragic passing of his father, that Lil Bean finally took up writing music again. The wakeup call led the San Francisco artist to pick up a mic again.

    Furthermore, the rap and singing sensation dropped his very first independent mixtape, NastyCampaign in 2019. The mixtape made waves on a national level with prominent media attention from the likes of  Pitchfork, HotNewHipHop, Vibe and Apple Music’s “The Plug Radio.” His star power grew when he dropped more music offerings at a rapid rate, such as “Side Of Me,” “Down 2 Ride,” and “Swervin.” During just the years 2019 and 2020 alone, Lil Bean released a total of 6 projects that soon became regional hits garnishing millions of streams.

    Lil Bean soon caught the attention of west coast’s big-name artists, such as E-40, Shoreline Mafia, Larry June and Sage The Gemini. Though, 2021 turned out a huge success for the rapper when Grammy award-winning producer, Zaytoven, tapped Lil Bean to feature on his mixtape, Zaytoven Presents: Fo15. More success came Lil Bean’s way after the release of his 2022 album Forever Grateful.” Furthermore, The Fader, Pitchfork and Lyrical Lemonade hailed the record as some of the best music out today. That’s a pretty big praise from the publication.

    Recently, Lil Bean returned this year with another music offering “Judas” from off his upcoming album Wait My Turn. In the track, we find Lil Bean getting down to business and staying on his grind. More importantly, he’s watching his back at every turn.

    Lil Bean Watches Out For The Haters In “Judas”

    Lil Bean’s recently released “Judas” proves the artist has standing power in the HipHop game. The latest single off his upcoming record, Waited My Turn, certainly shows just how humble and grateful the artist has been. Using a biblical reference to Judas, the song finds Lil Bean watching his back and staying from the haters. Additionally, he’s conscious of the future generation and “watches what he says” around those who idolize him.. Not only does Lil Bean keep himself grounded and focused in his craft, but he’s a rapper with a conscience.

    Furthermore, the music video for “Judas” showcases the rapper’s messages in documentary-style scenes that adds a layer of authenticity. Some clippings show Lil Bean hanging around family, the only people he can trust during his rise to fame. In the end, the San Francisco rapper knows who he can trust and who he has to cut off.

    He Has Plans For The Future

    Lil Bean
    via @mattsdemise

    Lil Bean clearly thinks of the future often. That’s why he never boasts about his successes. Instead, he continues to work on his music, improving and evolving as an artist. His unmatched work ethic has become one of the main reasons why he’s such a successful artist now. Passion of The Weiss recently wrote, “Bean’s sense of melody is finely manicured and belies his youth in the game. He finds a way to control tides and float throughout.” In other words, Lil Bean is a genius rapper in the making. Be sure to check out more music from the San Francisco singer and rapper, Lil Bean. His new album drops August 26th via EMPIRE, as well.



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