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    San Francisco 49ers out with Jimmy Garropolo in with Trey Lance

    The ongoing drama of the San Francisco 49ers has finally come to an end, reported Joseph Zucker for Bleacher Report. Many understood what was transpiring when the 49ers drafted Trey Lance just a year ago. This means Jimmy Garropolo was on his way out while Trey Lance was being groomed to soon take over the reins. However, Garoppolo has rightfully beaten the young QB for his starting position every time the opportunity presented itself. His injury history and inconsistency, it’s caused him to be overlooked or forced the 49ers to move in a different direction. During a press conference San Francisco 49ers HC Kyle Shannahan told reporters expressed their future plans with Garoppolo.

    “We have moved on to Trey,” he said. “… This is Trey’s team and We’re starting camp out this way.”

    Significance of the San Francisco 49ers Drafting Trey Lance

    The 49ers gave multiple first-round picks to move up the draft and select Lance in the 2021 NFL draft. Although he rode the bench for several years, they were grooming him for this very moment. The writing has been on the wall for several seasons now. Arguably, it has caused some tension between multiple parties throughout the organization. Garoppolo was given a huge contract the season after making the Super Bowl and ultimately losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, he has not lived up to the potential many believed he would over the years.

    What does Jimmy G’s Future Look Like?

    On July 20, the 49ers granted Garoppolo’s agents permission to search for trade options that would be ideal for both parties, reported ESPN analyst Adam Schefter. This would open up the floor for Lance to take over and officially grow as a starter in the NFL. This means it’ll give them opportunities to bring in talent around Lance to help enhance his production and development.

    Losing Garroppolo would essentially shave off a $27 million cap hit. The aging (30) QB is set to have shoulder surgery which unfortunately affects his value in the market. The unpredictable outcome of Garroppolo’s future has many teams skeptical about picking him up.

    Shanahan mentioned that if the surgery hadn’t taken place, Jimmy would likely have been traded. It was necessary for him to undergo the procedure, and there are no hard feelings about it.

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