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    San Diego’s Sky Tower Click Inspires with Positively Charged Album “Came A Long Way”

    Sky Tower Click released their new album, “Came A Long Way.” The album is a musical journey filled with positive vibes and dynamic energy. It’s a collaboration between Mackvillin, Nasty-O, and Hustle Mac. Their unique styles combine to create a diverse and vibrant sound that hip-hop fans will love.

    “Came A Long Way” is a Hip Hop album that celebrates the genre’s richness and versatility. The trio’s synergy is evident as they blend their distinct energies, creating positively charged and infectious music.

    What makes this album truly stand out are the noteworthy features from legendary artists like Kokane, R&B sensation KEVINRAY, and CJG. Each guest artist contributes complexity and diversity to the album’s sonic landscape. Kokane, renowned for his distinctive vocal style, adds depth and a unique perspective. KEVINRAY brings a smooth R&B element, creating a delightful contrast to the rap verses. Meanwhile, CJG’s contribution complements the Sky Tower Click members, adding another dimension to the overall sound.

    “Came A Long Way” pays homage to the Legendary West Coast Vibe. It has catchy hooks, captivating melodies, and powerful bass that define the classic sound. What makes this album unique is the modern twist created by producers Mackvillin & Delano Sounds. Their production captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop and gives it a contemporary edge. As a result, the album appeals to traditional and modern hip-hop fans.

    Mackvillin & Delano’s sounds are crucial in shaping the album’s musical landscape. Their production choices successfully bridge the gap between classic and contemporary, incorporating elements that define West Coast hip-hop while infusing a fresh and current feel. The result is a sonic experience that pays homage to the genre’s roots while pushing its boundaries.

    Refusing to a single format is a bold move that pays off. This approach allows each member of Sky Tower Click to shine individually while contributing to a cohesive and varied listening experience. The album becomes a canvas for their diverse styles to blend and merge, creating a unique and dynamic musical expression.

    The album “Came A Long Way” by Sky Tower Click has surpassed expectations. It celebrates West Coast hip-hop’s legacy and pushes it forward. This achievement demonstrates the group’s teamwork and ability to blend old and new styles. Hip-hop fans should listen to this release.


    1. This is fire Buddy!! 🔥🔥🔥
      Can’t wait to see you guys rise to the top!! Love you Hustle Mac! Give momma Maria my love 🤗🥰❤️😘

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