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    Samson: The UK Artist Shares Life and New Single “Come Over”

    Samson is taking the UK by storm with his latest track, “Come Over.” With his unique sound and style, he proudly embraces his Nigerian heritage and exudes confidence. HypeFresh had the pleasure of interviewing Samson. Get to know Samson.

    Sampson on Music, Style and Background

    Samson, an artist hailing from London, embraces an eclectic style influenced by renowned artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, and J Cole. He takes pride in his unique approach, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures.

    His love for music originated from his Nigerian heritage and his father’s extensive collection of vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes. Like many artists, he honed his skills through church experiences.

    Samson confidently highlights the distinctive flavor of UK artists, emphasizing their ability to forge their own path without relying on American influences.

    What sets Samson apart is his inclination to defy conventions. Rather than following trends, he deliberately chooses a different direction, constantly evolving his style.

    Growing up, Samson felt like an outsider, and he sees his individuality as a defining trait that sets him apart from others.

    On New Single “Come Over”

    Samson often goes live on Instagram, creating beats and sharing his music-making process. One day, his supportive uncle happened to be watching and heard a sample of someone’s cover of Aaliyah’s “Come Over.” After the live session ended, his uncle called him and suggested writing a song based on the theme of a girl asking to come over. Samson embraced the challenge and wrote the lyrics in just a day and a half at the studio, and the rest is history.

    Samson acknowledges his creative director, Chester, who plays a vital role in designing his cover art. Inspired by the TV show “Everybody Hates Chris,” they put their own twist on it with “Everybody Loves Samson.” The model featured in the music video happens to be Samson’s cousin-in-law, who helped bring their vision to fruition.

    As an independent artist, Samson intends to maintain his independence. If he ever decides to venture into mainstream music, he wants to have complete creative control.

    “While not all labels are negative, I’m sure there are some that genuinely have my best interests at heart. However, I personally have no desire for that,” he expressed.

    On Becoming

    The UK artist is excited about his upcoming projects, highlighting the unique sounds that will be featured. He draws inspiration from Tyler the Creator and Odd Future, aiming to incorporate similar elements into his own work. Samson particularly admires Earl Sweatshirt’s sound, appreciating how the music blends with his voice in a deliberate and impactful manner. He aspires to create beats that are distorted and plans to shape his music accordingly.

    While Samson would love to collaborate with Kanye West, he admits feeling a bit intimidated to work with Tyler.

    “I worry that I might not live up to his expectations,” he confessed.

    Additionally, he has a desire to collaborate with Lancey Foux and producer Soundwave. Samson is eager to make his mark in the industry, sharing his unique light with the world.

    HypeFresh extends its gratitude to Samson for taking the time to sit down with us!

    You can find Samson on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @Samsonm_.


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