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    Sam Morin, Rescues Flyers, Breaking Losing Streak With First Goal

    Rookie, Morin scores first career goal and nabs a flyers win.

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    24 year old, Flyers defenseman, Sam Morin scores his first career NHL goal. He took 2 shots, 1 block, 1 hit in his total of 12:48 ice time. Morin is gliding all the way to the goal and floating on cloud 9. “It’s probably the best moment of my life.”  (NBC Sports Philadelphia)

    The Call:

    SHOT, they scored! Sam Morin has got it. Morin has beat Shesty. and the Flyers have taken the 2-1 lead (Final Score: Flyers 2-1). He is the man of the hour, Sam Morin. 


    “I’m really happy.” – Sam Morin

    Nolan Patrick and Sam Morin are standout stars responsible for the two goals that earned them the W. Morin’s goal helped the Flyers take the lead and the win. Ultimately, Morin helped them break their losing streak to Rangers. That gives them plenty to celebrate. Morin shares,  “I am really happy. My teammates are awesome and I’m proud. The big thing is we got the W.”

    Sam Morin First Career goal |Twitter

    From ACL struggles to Victory.

    Morin reflects on his journey to this moment. “It’s been a hard couple of years for me. I was trying to take it day by day, it’s cliche, but that’s what I did when I tore my second ACL.” Morin suffered his second ACL injury in his right knee after he heard his knee pop during a minor play in Novemember 2019. Since then, he was focused on recovery and rebuilding strength to continue to compete in Lehigh Valley’s AHL.

    “Obviously, when they told me I would forward in the beginning of the year. I’m just happy to be back with the boys. It’s crazy how fast it goes. Going AHL and playing D, playing really well. Two weeks after, you’re playing in the NHL. You always need to stay ready.” Sound advice for any player who is starting out and struggling as Morin proves that you never know when your break will come.

    Flyers | Twitter

    “A great moment for the team.” –  Patrick Nolan

    Nolan Patrick also scored tonight and responds jubilantly with support over Morin who earn his moment with the Flyers. “Obviously, a super special moment and you know in the time of the game it came. Sam has been through more than anyone in the last couple of years and he came out on the other side of it. To see him score his first goal, in that fashion, everyone was extremely happy for him and it was a great moment for the team.”

    Great, indeed. Smiles and excitement were on everyone’s face as they enjoy their win against the Rangers.

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