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    Sabrina Carpenter Dedicates “Nonsense” Outro to BF Barry Keoghan’s Bathwater Scene

    Coachella Gets Steamy: Sabrina Carpenter Makes Daring Reference to Boyfriend’s Bathwater Scene

    Sabrina Carpenter was not only lighting up the stage at Coachella 2024. She set the web on fire with the two words “Goodnight, Malibu,” and a wink afterward. Her powerful voice and spirited demeanor were well received by the crowd. However, her mischievous outro to her hit single, “Nonsense” , has gone viral.

    The last notes reverberated across the festival grounds. Carpenter shocked the entire audience by sarcastic lines near the end of the song. She smiled halfway and sang: “Made his knees so weak he had to spread mine. He’s drinking my bathwater like it’s red wine. Coachella see you back here when I headline”. This single lyric appeared harmless but caused a social media storm. Her followers immediately recognized the reference: the bathwater scene from the “Saltburn” episode.

    If you missed the “Saltburn” madness, I am very glad to inform you here. Last year’s horrifying thriller is best remembered for its bizarre title in recent Academy Awards, which include Oliver Quick, played by Barry Keoghan, an Irish student from a working-class family who interacts with a wealthy bourgeois Dakotas Catsburg Atlantic. But plot has not been a topic of much debate. It is the movie’s strangest scene which has clearly piqued viewers’ interests. Keoghan’s Oliver drinks an abominable concoction. Since he co-star, Jacob Elordi, plays the bathwater.

    There is even one more level in the story. Keoghan was observed among the Coachella audience. He proudly laughed and sang with the spectators. And his girlfriend uttered the phrase that has since become legendary. It proves the actor’s fondness for his brilliant inspiration, a star from Banshees of Inisherin.

    For anyone who needs a reminder: let’s once again talk about the most famous scene in the film. Saltburn completely immerses you in the battle for power and surprises. However, what makes this story special given the affection shown by that particular Keoghan character?

    Carpenter didn’t just make a cute reference to her boyfriend’s movies. It was the kind of show-stopping move that demonstrated her fearlessness and a deeper level of performance connection. With this single bold move, she proved anything that she is pop. She is always ready to take risks and be playful.

    As soon as Carpenter’s set ended, the crowd went wild. There is no doubt that this artist can catch hearts. After all, Coachella has provided evidence of her musical talent. In addition, it demonstrated her sense of humor and audacity. All this is sure to keep throngs of her fans eagerly expecting more. And who knows what daring or delicious delights Carpenter has in store for the next big stage? Especially when her stand is to look forward.

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