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    Ryan LaCour’s Latest Single “Used Too” Longs for Rekindling Love

    Ryan LaCour, the rising R&B artist, has released his latest single, “Used Too,” a soulful and emotional track that touches the hearts of those who have experienced the pain of fading love. The song expresses the yearning of a lover who wants the spark to return to their relationship. Ryan’s silky-smooth vocals and relatable lyrics make the track a perfect addition to your love playlist.

    Ryan LaCour’s music style is often compared to the likes of Miguel and Chris Brown, but he brings a unique touch to the R&B genre with his relatable lyrics and chill vibes. Born and raised in Louisiana, Ryan’s music is influenced by his life experiences, including growing up in a community affected by gang violence.

    Ryan’s journey to becoming an artist started with spoken word poetry in high school, and he later joined a show band called Melodic Bridge as the lead singer. With “Used Too,” Ryan again proves he is a talented artist worth listening to.


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