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    Ry August’s Latest Single “Something Real” Unlocks A New Level of Confidence

    Ry August’s latest release, “Something Real,” is a new pop hit with hints of rap in the verses. The song was born out of a difficult moment for the artist. Who faced disappointment after a previous content release didn’t go as planned. However, Ry August didn’t let that setback stop him. Instead, he put his head down and continued to create, leading to the emergence of “Something Real.”

    The song is a testament to Ry August’s versatile abilities as an artist, incorporating pop and rap elements into the same track. The artist teamed up with his friend Alex Delzer for production, creating a unique sound highlighting Ry August’s lyrical prowess and vocal range.

    “Something Real” is more than just a catchy tune; it shows Ry August’s growth and confidence as an artist. With the accompanying music video set to release soon, fans can expect even more from the up-and-coming musician.


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