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    Russian Pilot Defects with Helicopter to Protest Ukraine ‘Genocide’

    Brave Pilot Flies to a New Place to Help Friends

    Wow, something really exciting happened! A brave Russian helicopter pilot named Maksym Kuzminov did something amazing. He flew his helicopter to a new country called Ukraine to help his friends there. He didn’t want to be part of something bad that was happening in his own country, Russia.

    Maksym was worried because people in Ukraine were not safe, and he didn’t like it. He talked to some special friends in Ukraine for six months, and they made a secret plan. One day, when he was flying near the border, he sent a secret message to the people in Ukraine. They helped him land his helicopter safely about 186 miles away from where the fighting was happening.

    And guess what?

    Maksym’s family also got to Ukraine safely with the help of his new friends there. This was a very brave thing to do because it was not easy, and it was very risky.

    Lots of people all around the world are talking about Maksym’s brave adventure. It makes us think about how important it is to help our friends when they need us, even if it’s hard. It also reminds us that we should always try to do the right thing, just like Maksym did.

    So, Russian helicopter pilot Maksym’s big adventure is teaching us about bravery and helping friends, and it’s a story we won’t forget!

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