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    Rumors Are Swirling Online About The Tory Lanez Trial

    Is good journalism “dead”? Was it ever really “alive”? Media coverage of the Tory Lanez criminal trial has been compared to coverage of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp civil trial. Many people support Megan Thee Stallion, believe her claims against Tory Lanez are true, and seek justice on her behalf. Her fans Tweet their support and have even shown up in public to defend their girl’s name!

    There are, however, rumors that Tory Lanez didn’t shoot Megan that night. Some believe it was her friend, Kelsey Harris, who may have been jealous of Megan’s “intimate” relationship with Tory! These specific conspiracy theorists point to inconsistencies of the case such as, why wasn’t Meg’s former bodyguard, Justin Edison, there at the scene of the crime?

    Here’s more news on HypeFresh:

    Where Is Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Justin Edison?


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