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    Rudolph Isley Sues His Brother Ronald Over The Isley Brothers Trademark

    One of music history’s most influential bands, The Isley Brothers, is undergoing a tumultuous time. TMZ reports that the band’s founding members, Rudolph and Ronald Isley, are engaged in an ongoing battle over the group’s trademark.
    The Isley Brothers were formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1954 by Rudolph and Ronald Isley along with their brother O’Kelly Isley. They later added Ernie Isley (lead guitar and drums), Marvin Isley (bass guitar) and Chris Jasper (keyboards, synthesizers).
    According to TMZ, the Isley Brothers have enjoyed one of the longest and most successful careers in popular music. They have had numerous hits including Shout, Twist and Shout (later covered by the Beatles), This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) and Grammy Award-winning It’s Your Thing.
    As a result, the Isley Brothers have earned the esteemed honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have also been awarded multiple Grammy awards and nominations.
    However, a recent lawsuit by Rudolph Isley claims that his younger brother has been taking much of the band’s profits. He claims that Ronald went behind his back and trademarked the band’s name ‘The Isley Brothers’ and has kept all the money for himself.
    Moreover, the “Shout” singer requests the court to decide that he and his brother are joint owners of the ‘Isley Brothers’ trademark and to pay him half of any money he has made off the group since it was registered in his name. Hopefully, this case can be resolved shortly.

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