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    Roy Halladay Number Retirement; Try Not to Cry.

    Roy Halladay Jersey Number Retirement

    Today, the Phillies retired Roy Halladay’s number, 34, and honored him with a statue. Former players and the manager were present at the ceremony. Carlos Ruiz unveiled the statue, and Steve Carlton revealed the number 34 plaque on the center field wall.

    Roy Halladay, A Remarkable; Perfect Talent

    Looking back at Doc’s time with the Phillies, it was truly special. He played four seasons there from 2010-2013. Halladay was an all-star twice and won the Cy Young in 2010 with a 21-10 record and a 2.44 ERA. He also pitched a perfect game on May 29, 2010.

    Then, Doc extended his remarkable streak by throwing a no-hitter (the second in postseason history) on October 6 against Cincinnati.

    His Death, A Legendary Loss

    Sadly, Halladay’s promising talent was cut short by a tragic plane accident. He passed away at the age of 40 on Nov. 7, 2017. Halladay was found to have substances in his system, including morphine, amphetamine, an antidepressant, the sleep aid Ambien, and traces of alcohol.

    Roy Halladay

    It became evident that Halladay’s struggles stemmed from his relentless pursuit of perfection and the void left by no longer being able to play the game he adored. He found himself trapped in a downward spiral of depression, unfortunately, without anyone being able to intervene in time. However, his passing shed light on the importance of mental health in sports and the need for support within the community. Although Halladay had plans to become the Phillies’ pitching coach, he was unable to fulfill that role. He is survived by his wife and children.

    Roy Halladay

    Zack Wheeler pitching with Halladay’s Spirit

    Zack Wheeler became the first Phillies pitcher since May 29, 2010, to retire 22 consecutive batters in a start, matching Roy Halladay’s perfect game achievement. He pitched a complete game shutout against his former team, the Mets, leading to a 3-0 victory. This win extended their winning streak to eight games, including two series sweeps, on August 8th.

    “I wanted to pitch like him today.” – Zack Wheeler, referring to Roy Halladay.

    Zack Wheeler

    It’s unbelievable that Roy Halladay’s presence wasn’t felt today as Wheeler and the Phillies delivered an incredible performance.

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