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    Rota Returns To The Table With A Stunning New Single Entitled “Whoa now”

    Emerging Chicago-based artist Rota recently teamed up with Lucca, a talented artist, to create an outstanding song titled “Whoa Now.”

    This song puts Rota’s unique music-making style on full display for his listeners to feel the rate he is willing to go to ensure that they want to hear more at the end of the listen.

    “Whoa now” displays Rota’s capabilities to utilize his gruff vocal tone fused with an unpredictable blend of dark humor.

    Rota’s dynamic and captivating performance captivates listeners from the beginning and keeps them enthralled until the end. With his remarkable talent and exceptional music, Rota injects a fresh wave of energy into the music industry, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

    Don’t let the opportunity slip by without experiencing the brilliance of this rising star poised to establish himself as a prominent figure on the global stage.

    Stream “Whoa now” on Spotify

    Connect with Rota: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 

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