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    Rosemary & Garlic Say “Goodbye” in Uplifting New Single

    Dutch indie folk duo Rosemary & Garlic have released their latest single, “Goodbye,” from their forthcoming album, A Room of One’s Own. The song’s bright and cheerful melody belies its subject matter; as singer Anne van den Hoogen explains, she wanted to write “a happy song about goodbyes.” The track explores letting go of a relationship or person, feeling good about the shared memories, and moving on.

    A Room of One’s Own is Rosemary & Garlic’s sophomore album and van den Hoogen’s first solo project. The album was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s 1929 essay of the same name, emphasizing the importance of having a physical space to create and explore. The album’s enchanting songs offer comfort and serenity, showcasing van den Hoogen’s talent for creating tender, textured worlds of warmth and wonder.

    With “Goodbye,” Rosemary & Garlic offers a poignant reminder that even endings can be beautiful and uplifting, leaving listeners feeling nostalgic and hopeful for what’s to come.

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