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    Ron Suno Shares Jokes Up, His New Project

    At 20 years old, Ron Suno brings heat to the NYC drill scene with his combination of lyrical and comedic skills.

    Critical Praise

    “He captures attention with his viral dance videos alongside Hip Hop Harry on Instagram and continues to impress with his music that reflects his unique personality. With his comedic skits and the viral success of the #WeaveChallenge, he has solidified his position in the entertainment industry.” – XXL

    “Through his entertaining skits and contagious humor, he quickly gained fame, and his #WeaveChallenge took the internet by storm, establishing him as a prominent figure in the entertainment world.” – FLAUNT

    The Project + Video: 

    Ron Suno, a talented 20-year-old rapper from the Bronx, unleashes his raw humor and impressive skills on his latest project, Jokes Up. In this new release, Ron showcases his penmanship and focuses on delivering a powerful message. With his locked-in flow, clever lyricism, and witty quips, he takes his emceeing to new heights, effortlessly navigating the beats and collaborating with top-notch rappers from the Five Boroughs.

    According to Ron Suno, Jokes Up represents his elevation in the music industry. Despite being known for his lighthearted side, he wants to show that he can be taken seriously. While not everything he says is serious, he aims to prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with and one to watch for the future. With his previous project, Swag Like Mike, he introduced himself and showcased his personality. Now, on Jokes Up, he aims to leave a lasting impression as Ron Suno, a name you need to know.

    Jokes Up Sound

    The tracklist highlights the signatures of NYC drill–sliding 808s, ominous pianos, and syncopated snares. Of course, Ron incorporated his touch on the sound, airing on the flair for the dramatic side. When selecting beats, Ron looks for tracks with epic and energetic qualities that remind him of video game boss battles. For Ron Suno, drill music goes beyond street toughness—it’s about creating a party atmosphere and having fun. The project includes popular singles like “Winners,” a dynamic collaboration with Sheff G, garnering over 1.7 million views on YouTube, and “Bandit,” a slick banger with over 1 million YouTube views. Not to mention the one-and-only Fetty Wap joins in on “Drill Zoo.” With additional features from DDG and Jay Critch, Jokes Up is now available worldwide through SBL, LLC / EMPIRE.

    Breaking Down The Project

    Ron Suno is not only working on his project, but he’s also getting ready to release the “Grabba” music video, giving fans a sneak peek of what’s to come in Jokes Up. The track features a haunting drill instrumental with eerie synths and booming 808s, providing the perfect backdrop for Ron’s confident and flamboyant style. In the upcoming video, directed by his frequent collaborator David Janoff, Ron aims to showcase the fun and party vibes of drill music. In the video, he rocks a vintage Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks jersey as he stops by one of his favorite bodegas. He adds comedic relief as he communicates with Bronx locals. The video concludes with a snippet of the project’s opening track “SEMI, which shows the rapper’s softer side.

    After dropping Swag Like Mike, which included popular tracks like “SPIDER-MAN” featuring Fivio Foreign, Ron Suno has been making major moves. He’s collaborated with artists like DDG and Smoove’L, and he’s caught the attention of XXL and FLAUNT. Ron even made his film debut in BK Juice, a new movie alongside his fellow New York City artist Rah Swish. The hustle never stops for this talented rapper from the Bronx.

    “I want Jokes Up to inspire my fans to embrace their true selves,” shares Ron Suno. “When you listen to my music, you’re hearing the real me. I’m not trying to imitate anyone else. The only person who can hold you back is yourself when you’re not being authentic.”

    Get your copy or stream Jokes Up here: [Link to Buy/Stream Jokes Up]

    Join the YouTube premiere for the “Grabba” music video at 2pm, followed by the video release at 3pm: [Link to YT premiere]

    Jokes Up tracklist:

    1.  SEMI
    2.  WIT IT
    3.  Bandit
    4.  WAVE
    5.  GRABBA
    6.  Drill Zoo ft. Fetty Wap
    8.  OH LA LA ft. Jay Critch
    9.  HOT
    10.  YA MANS
    11.  WRAITH ft. DDG
    12.  WINNERS ft. Sheff G

    The Background:

    With his captivating talent and a blend of skills, Ron Suno has amassed a huge following across various platforms. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and a strong presence on YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok, he has won fans over with his entertaining skits and impressive artistry. Ron’s creative journey started in high school, and he has been relentless in using every available outlet to express himself, including music, short-form videos, dance challenges, and even acting in the film BK Juice alongside his NYC colleague Rah Swish. In 2019, Ron’s music took off with the release of “Pinocchio.” The song racked up over 9 million streams on Spotify and caught the attention of Blueface, who featured on the remix. Last June, Ron made his mark with the Swag Like Mike project, featuring standout tracks like “SPIDER-MAN” featuring Fivio Foreign, solidifying his position in the industry.


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    Jokes Up:


    “Drill Zoo” ft. Fetty Wap:

    “Ya Mans”: /

    “Winners” ft. Sheff G: /


    “Spider-Man” ft. Fivio Foreign:




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