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    Rolling Ray Accused Doja Cat Of Stealing His Popeyes Catchphrase

    Some stars just can’t stay away from drama. Doja Cat has been catching tons of flack for several different controversies, including her latest shaved-head and eyebrows scandal. Recently, the R&B and Pop sensation has come under fire again. Though, this time, reality star Rolling Ray is coming after Doja Cat. Recently, Ray accused the Planet Her artist of stealing his 2019 Popeye’s catchphrase.

    The Meme That Made Him Famous Again


    It’s not everyday that someone has the chance to make a difference in this world. Former MTV Catfish: Trolls star Rolling Ray has impacted the world with his unfiltered humor and content, though not in the way we think. Furthermore, the LGBTQ reality star became an even bigger social media influencer after his 2019 Popeyes catchphrase went viral.

    “It’s not even what y’all promised, no, I wasted my money! So, refund me now!” the well-known individual exclaimed in a video shared on social media.

    At the time, the fast-food franchise had just released its new Chicken sandwich, which had everyone going crazy. Apparently, Ray’s catchphrase became so big that it turned into a meme.

    Doja Cat Uses Rolling Ray’s Catchphrase To Promote Upcoming Clothing Line

    Now, years later, the catchphrase has seemingly resurfaced again but not with Rolling Ray’s permission. Recently, the disabled star accused Doja Cat of stealing his catchphrase in a recent promo for her upcoming clothing line.

    On Twitter, Doja Cat shared a text video that featured her saying the words, “It was supposed to give but it did not give what needed to be gave to the highest of giving.” Additionally, she dropped the link “”

    Now Rolling Ray has demanded that the star pay credit where it’s due. Furthermore, the reality star accused the artist of stealing rights to his Popeye’s catchphrase. Making matters worse, the alleged trademark paperwork has been reposted on social media.

    Sources even say that Doja Cat and her team filed papers for the new clothing brand a year ago. Apparently, this idea of hers has been in the works for quite some time now. Hopefully, Doja Cat reconsiders the brand name and its tagline.

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