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    Rolling Loud New York 2022: 5 Memorable Moments

    As summer comes to a close, there will be fewer music festivals due to the colder weather. This deeply saddens me as someone who loves attending festivals and concerts. Rolling Loud, one of the festivals, has already concluded its events for the year. The New York edition was the

    With summer coming to an end, music festivals are becoming scarce due to the colder weather. As a passionate festival and concert enthusiast, this saddens me greatly. Rolling Loud, one of the beloved festivals, has bid farewell for the year. The New York edition marked the final Rolling Loud event of 2022, concluding with unforgettable highlights. Don’t miss these five unforgettable highlights from Rolling Loud New York 2022.

    21 Savage’s Tardiness

    When an artist’s performance gets canceled due to tardiness, it’s disappointing, especially for the waiting crowd. However, it’s crucial to hope for cancellations due to more serious reasons. In the case of Rolling Loud, 21 Savage’s performance was canceled because he was excessively late. Adding insult to injury, Savage tweeted he’d never perform at Rolling Loud again. This situation reflects poorly on both sides.

    To look at it from a different perspective, it’s important to hold artists accountable. Some artists, particularly rappers, tend to exploit their fame and behave as if they can arrive whenever they please. They forget that they have a job to do, and providing fans with a worthwhile experience should be the least they can do considering the money spent.

    Moshing Gone Wrong

    Moshing is no joke, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a few minor injuries because fans take moshing very seriously. Some artists learned this lesson the hard way recently. Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky clearly underestimated the frenzy they would face when they tried to jump into the crowd.

    Their expectations didn’t match reality, as the crowd quickly overwhelmed them. Security had to step in to rescue them from the chaos. Rocky had it worse and visibly showed discomfort. He even shared that a fan inappropriately grabbed him, which was completely unacceptable.

    We All Gotta Start Somewhere

    The Thrill of New Artists

    One of the highlights of these massive festivals is witnessing fresh talents making their debut. Let’s be honest, most fans don’t splurge on tickets just for the opening acts. However, that doesn’t stop the openers from delivering performances that rival the headliners.

    The truth is, we all have to start somewhere. Skipping steps in the music industry only leads to failure. These moments are vital for their development, affirming their path. In a few years, Jeleel & Ben Reilly will be headlining, trust me.

    The Show Must Go-On

    Performing live at a major festival is a blessed opportunity for artists. You never know who’s watching or if it’s someone’s only chance to see you. That’s why every performance should be memorable.

    Offset stood out this weekend by making the most of his solo performance. Despite the bad weather cutting Future’s set short, Offset didn’t let the rain dampen his show. He persevered and delivered an unforgettable experience for his fans. This once again demonstrates his dedication and solidifies his status as the most exceptional member of Migos, proving he can thrive on his own.

    Queen Nicki

    Nicki Minaj, the one and only, rocked the stage in New York last weekend. It felt like a significant moment for the iconic Barbie Queen. Not only was she the main act, but she did it in her hometown of Queens. It’s rare to see her come out, especially for a performance, so you know it was something extraordinary. Nicki delivered a stunning show, treating fans to all their favorite tracks.

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