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    Rokko Ca$h Stunned His Fans With A Smash Hit, “Smoked Away the Afternoon”

    Florida artist Rokko Ca$h recently released a hit single called “Smoked Away the Afternoon.” This brilliant single combines the artist’s extraordinary musicality with dashing instrumentation to bring out something that has never been heard. If You are a fan of Rokko Ca$h, you would already know that he spends most of his time structuring and perfecting his musical craft to deliver authentic music.

    “Smoked Away the Afternoon” is a song that features the same well-known quality of this phenomenal performer and presents terrific lines within the hip-hop vibe but with the differential of an inspired artist who knows how to apply his remarkable personality extraordinarily. I promise you this is one artist you would want to keep an eye on as he is on his way to becoming a profound prominent name in the music world.

    Stream “Smoked Away the Afternoon” on Spotify 

    Connect with Rokko Ca$h: TikTok | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram 

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