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    Roga Raph delivers his latest EP, “We’ll See”

    Roga Raph has recently launched his latest EP, “We’ll See,” which features seven captivating tracks that span 28 minutes and 33 seconds. With a style that transcends genres, this EP is an exceptional masterpiece that captures the essence of self-discovery.

    Roga Raph, who is not only a skilled rapper but also a gifted singer and songwriter, has invested his heart and soul into the creation of “We’ll See.” This EP is not merely a collection of music; it is a profound introspective journey that challenges listeners to reflect on their lives and paths.

    One of the standout tracks of this EP is “dontwannarun,” which not only boasts an upbeat rhythm but also delivers an emotional exploration of the human experience. After evading it for far too long, the lyrics delve into facing the inevitable head-on. Roga Raph’s lyrical prowess is evident in this track, as he effortlessly captures complex emotions in his captivating verses.

    “We’ll See” is a transformative experience that takes listeners on a personal and relatable sonic odyssey. From the introspective title track “We’ll See” to the thought-provoking “LevelUp,” Raph’s EP is an invitation to look within oneself and take the necessary steps towards living an authentic life.

    Roga Raph’s unique blend of hip-hop and introspective storytelling sets him apart as an artist with a profound message. His music calls to action, inspiring listeners to embrace self-discovery and make positive changes.

    We’ll See is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Raph’s own label, S.O.O.N.

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