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    Roddy Ricch Insists On “No Skip” Policy For New Album

    Second Album from Roddy Rich is OTW

    Roddy Ricch shared a sample of his second album on his Instagram Story last week, but fans must be patient for the follow up to 2019’s Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social.

    Roddy Ricch also announced last weekend, “For us to drop the album we gotta have a NO skip policy.” Ricch called the album “a full-blown masterpiece. A real idea. A real body of work” in an interview with GQ.

    Roddy Rich’s Non-Skip Worthy Songs

    The American rapper’s first album was released in 2019 through Atlantic Records and Vird Vision Entertainment. In addition, he won Album of the Year in 2020 at both the BET Awards and for Apple Music. In 2020, Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social was the most streamed album globally.

    His single “The Box” was No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. As it spent four non-consecutive weeks at the top of the chart, Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social is the longest-running premiere album since 2003. Also in 2020, DaBaby’s “Rockstar” which features Ricch, topped the charts at No. 1.

    Ricch’s first project was his debut mixtape, Feed Tha Streets which was released in 2017. Ricch made a name for himself as a young rapper in 2018 when his single “Die Young” entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 98.

    Young Rapper to Hip-Hop Phenom

    Ricch has been rapping since he was eight, and he got serious about making beats when he was sixteen. Originally from Compton, CA, Ricch worked with the then-starting out Kendrick Lamar in his youth. Ricch has included Lamar as one of his influences.

    Vulture’s Paul Thompson said, “[Roddy Ricch is] an undeniably talented vocalist and occasionally a compelling songwriter” as his music often includes both rapping and singing. In an interview with Variety in 2020, Ricch said, “I feel like the problem with us nowadays is we want everything right now. The music won’t evolve if you release something every three months because you haven’t experienced much.

    He continued: you still feel like how you felt when you [last] dropped the music. To me, stuff doesn’t happen in my life every single day. Maybe for some people it does, but my life don’t happen that fast. I have to give myself time to actually go through things so I can speak on it, and have a new understanding of life. It’s not like I make music that’s not my life, so I feel like I need to give my life time to inspire me.”


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